Lord Vader (Anakin Skywalker) (_darthvader_) wrote in fangirls_sw,
Lord Vader (Anakin Skywalker)

Star Wars: AU 'The Poster Girl' Yané/Jester fic.

Fandom: Star Wars
Title: The Poster girl.
Characters: Jester, Yané mention of Fives.
Pairings: Yané/Jester
Rating: PG (dark themes)
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! Also a big thank you to her for inspiring me with her tale Birthday.
Warnings: This tale contains a het pairing and may be considered offensive to some.
Summary: What is a wistful memory to one, is an ageless gift to another.
Author’s Notes: This tale was initially done for a ‘challenge’ made by fialleril (for Yané/Jester) and knight_ander (The story behind the poster girl in the Clone’s barracks).

The Poster Girl
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